Cleveland Public Square

Boasting 2 million pounds of custom concrete

Cleveland, Ohio
Completed: July, 2016


After a decade of planning, the 10-acre Cleveland Public Square has been overhauled, expanded, and modernized to incorporate vast green space and unique designs that make the city's urban core exceptionally walkable, livable and a site to behold. The project was completed just before the 2016 Republican National Convention, and, as stated by Concrete Décor, "What attendees don’t know is that they are in the midst of one of the world’s greatest architectural feats to date.”

Designed by the landscape architects at James Corner Field Operations, the square boasts 1,200 pieces of Wausau Tile's custom precast concrete. Over 800 custom shapes were included – the largest of which was 9 feet tall and almost 19,000 pounds. In total, the weight of the project’s custom precast concrete came to over 2,000,000 pounds. 

Wausau Tile's unique combination of abilities and experience made it the best – and possibly the only – manufacturer to meet the project’s unique needs and budgetary requirements.


  • AEcom
  • James Corner Field Operations


  • Custom Precast Concrete